The ZEBRA poster is made during my three months residency in Budapest. As part of my ongoing project City Scripts, I have been observing daily city life - mostly at the Pest side of town near the Grand Boulevard.

I got charmed by the people who are leaning on the small posts while they are waiting at the zebra. The act is showing an unconscious choreography of waiting, which can be observed and acted out simultaneously. When you want to, you can notice this little act almost anytime along the Budapest boulevards - while at the same time the act is a barely visible repetition in the midst of daily city life.

For the poster I have been registering people leaning on the posts at the intersection of the József Körút and the József Utca at the 8th district.

I thought this small pose was worth to be highlighted and to be represented as part of the visual environment of the city. For a week the poster is shown on sixty poster columns in the area of the Grand Boulevard. In between concert and movie posters the ZEBRA poster represents a theatrical pamphlet of a local scenery - it shows a choreography which might be perceived as a collective act of Budapest city dwellers

Thanks to Hints/Monica Balint, Studio Associaton/ Edith Molnar and Fonds BKVB Amsterdam